Hi-Liters Alumni

Here are a few of the Hi-Liters alumni.

Daniel Brandl – Performed with the Hi-Liters as piano accompanist for five years. Daniel is currently the Musical Director for the “Spirit of Broadway" theater in Norwich, CT. And it’s a family affair! Daniel’s mother Olga Brandl performed with the Hi-liters for one year herself, and currently is a cantor and choir member of St. Rose Church in Meriden. And his father David Brandl also helped accompany the Hi-liters while son Daniel was a member, and currently subs as pianist and performs in the St. Rose choir.
Robert Burgardt – Sang with Hi-Liters along with his six brothers and sisters. Is a professional singer and Mark Twain impersonator in Connecticut.
Beverly Caruso – Performed with the Hi-Liters. Later was elected Miss Wallingford (CT).
Seth Garbarski – An expert pianist with the  Hi-Liters at age 7. Now Assistant State’s Attorney in Connecticut and continues to play piano.
Jeff Kidder – Performed 4-5 years with the Hi-Liters, singing and playing guitar. Is now the Music Minister at the Messiah Episcopal Church in St. Paul, Minnesota and also performs in a variety of bands as well as performing as a vocalist and solo guitarist. Jeff performed here in Meriden about five years ago and presented Dick Fontanella with a CD inscribed, “Thanks for giving me your help in starting my career. Hi-Liters rock!”
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Maureen Moore – Performed with the Hi-Liters at about age 13. She has performed in numerous Broadway shows in New York City, including an understudy role for Bernadette Peters in "Gypsy".
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Bruce Snyder – Performed with the Hi-Liters. Now performs as a professional mime in Connecticut